Wednesday, 14 June 2017


On Saturday my dad, mum and I drove to Exeter University (Penryn campus) in Falmouth for an open day. We took this opportunity to take a coastal walk the day after, before our long journey home.

We stopped off at Crantock Bay and took the 3 mile coastal walk to Hollywell, at Crantock Bay -
the views were incredible!

Just 5 minutes into our walk we came across a Grey Seal, bobbing close to the shore - we had an amazing view of the lone seal because it was so close and it gave me an opportunity to use my Opticron scope, which I hadn't used for a while due to being so busy at school!

Although it was extremely windy, the sun was still shining, so there was plenty of wildlife to admire! Skylarks were rising higher and higher belting out their beautiful song, whilst Swallows and Swifts were swooping around our heads. My Opticron binoculars came in handy here, trying to get clear view on the Skylarks really high up! We later spotted a pair of Stonechats, I first noticed their call because as their name suggests it sounds like 2 stones hitting each other. There was also lots of Linnets flying around, along the coastal path. We saw many butterflies, including a Red Admiral and Common Blue. In amongst the flowers in the sand dunes we also found many, many 6-spot Burnet Moths and some Oak Eggar caterpillars.

So, overall it was a lovely day out, and a nice way to break up our 5 hour journey home!

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