Monday, 24 November 2014

Renishaw Ringing

Ringing - Renishaw, 22nd November 2014

This weekend I went ringing at Renishaw, a woodland setting with a lake which is a breathtaking scene of showering vibrant orange and autumnal coloured leaves scattering the ground.

Overall, we only had 34 birds, but each and every bird never disappoints me, especially the beautiful male Bullfinch and male Nuthatch.

Dan who owns a Swan rescue center has recently been coming with us and as he has a lot of experience with swans he enabled us to ring an elegant family of Swans, we have used yellow coloured rings to identify them, this is the male. 

I really enjoy ringing Great Tits (Parus Major), as I find being able to tell whether it is a male or female very fascinating. You can tell by checking if the black between it's belly extends towards the legs, if it does it is a male, if it is only a strip down it's belly, it is a female.

Unfortunately, Sundays ringing session was rained off, but I cant wait until next weekend for our next session!

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